• Forklift Hydraulic Pump CCB-1
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Forklift Hydraulic Pump CCB-1

The tip truck power hydraulic gear pump is a power take-off for automotive carriers produced by our company. Our products are suitable for all types of heavy-duty vehicles, including agricultural tractors, semi trailers, engineering vehicles, obstacle clearing vehicles, garbage disposal vehicles, and large container vehicles.

Tip Truck Unidirectional Power Hydraulic Gear Pump

A power take-off is a set or multiple sets of variable speed gears, also known as a power output, typically composed of a gearbox, clutch, and controller. According to the different forms of power output, power take-off can usually be divided into transmission side power output form, transmission front power output form, transmission rear power output form, and engine front power output form.

Displacement: 32ml/r

Maximum pressure: 200bar

Speed: 600-3000r/min

Rotation direction: left

Oil inlet: G1

Oil outliet: G1/G2

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