• KAMAZ PTO 1800-2
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KAMAZ PTO 1800-2

The tip truck power hydraulic gear pump is a power take-off for automotive carriers produced by our company. Our products are suitable for all types of heavy-duty vehicles, including agricultural tractors, semi trailers, engineering vehicles, obstacle clearing vehicles, garbage disposal vehicles, and large container vehicles.

Tip Truck Unidirectional Power Hydraulic Gear Pump

A power take-off is a set or multiple sets of variable speed gears, also known as a power output, typically composed of a gearbox, clutch, and controller. According to the different forms of power output, power take-off can usually be divided into transmission side power output form, transmission front power output form, transmission rear power output form, and engine front power output form.

Pneumatic control

Gear ratio 15:22

Internal spline loss

Can be connected to ISO gear pump

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